Its like finding yourself abandoned in a road,

No moon or sunlight,

Just the faulty street lights that aren’t so bright.
You cannot recognise where it is,
Its just so dark and empty,
The vegetation around seems like a park.
You look down to see bright yellow and white road markings,
Showing you the middle and ends of the road.
Bringing back memories of when you read the Highway Code.
On either side you can’t see where the road ends or begins,
In a position like this you would want to grow wings.
The fear is driving you to sing catholic hymns.
Suddenly you see a car coming,
Its engine loudly humming.
At first you feel relieved,
Then you see its headed right for you,
And you realise you can’t move your feet,
Why can’t I move?
Why is that car coming for me?
Your mind is overwhelmed with questions.
As the car draws closer and closer you begin to sweat,
You finally see it has no driver,
All hope is lost.
Your eyes water, tears begin to run down your cheeks.
This is the feeling of being alone,

It’s exactly as being stuck on a road on your own.
Sometimes its as if you’re below the ground,
Couldn’t be heard even if you made a sound,
Thinking you will never be found.
Being alone is a state of mind.
A state thats torture on its own.

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