The Struggle we call Life

The world is so eluding.

Anger, rage, sadness, jealousy it is alive with emotions.

Sometimes you don’t know how to feel.

Small things will easily make you lose your chill.

Why is all confusing?.

I just want life to be simple.

No fake friends, no hidden agendas.

Knowing no pain but only love.

I wish I could fly away from my problems like a bird.

Go to a distant place and build my nest.

Marry and have beautiful kids.

But the world is harsh and unforgiving.

I find pleasure in the little I can.

I badly wanna share what’s in my heart.

Sadly sharing seems to make you grow further apart.

At times I feel like punching a wall.

20 years old yet I still don’t know my role.

Who do I speak to?

Who can explain it?

My feelings are not about money or being famous.

A peaceful life is that too much to ask for?.

So many thoughts all at one go.

To a better life I wish there was just a door.


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