Before I die

Life’s too short, so for the hell of it I’ve decided to make a bucket list,
Go to the bar order a screwdriver, that’s vodka and orange juice with a twist;
Maybe go to parliament and knock out the president with my fist.
Before I kick the bucket I’m taking all the risks,
Bunjee jumping, horse riding and even sky diving;
Get myself a chauffeur cause I don’t like driving ,
In the back seat of a limo just me and my girl thriving,
See the North Pole, watch Messi score a goal.
Climb to the top of Mt Everest, the scenery of the world at its very best,
Go up the Eiffel tower, beautiful at every hour,
Visit the royal palace and maybe take a piss,
Oh my word I don’t have job, how will fund this?.


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