A Dollar In My Pocket

Sometime back not too long ago;
I found myself in a church praising the lord was my goal.
The singing had just stopped the pastor was about to hit the floor,
In the back of my head I thought it would be such a bore,
After a while of preaching we were told to stand up;
He said place your biggest note in an envelope hold it and put your hand up;
I put a dollar in the envelope thinking it was offering and I’d rather use my money to turn up,
Pastor blessed the envelopes, the volume of the band went up
He followed up with even when you can’t put your head up;
Let not this amount be hard to find,
Oh I realized I had put myself in a bind
A damper on what you might call my hustle or grind,
To this day a dollar in my pocket has not been hard to find.


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